1. Please read our Parent Handbook, which outlines our policies and procedures.

  2. Choose the location for which you would like to register your child below. To learn more about our locations, visit our Locations page.

  3. Fill out the the form in it's entirety and click submit

  4. All required paperwork must be submitted at the time of registration. We will not pick up any student from school until we have received proper registration. No exceptions!

  5. Registration fees and the deposit for one month's services are nonrefundable. For more information about our tuition rates visit our Tuition page.

  6. Any outstanding balances with Old School must be paid in order to register.

  7. Tuition each month is due at the beginning of each month and no later than the 15th of that month. After the 15th a late fee of $40 will be assessed.

  8. Please note that parents are responsible for keeping proper registration information up to date including change of address, current phone numbers and current medical information for their child’s permanent records.

  9. If your student has any special needs or accommodations, we ask that you please set up an appointment to discuss whether we are equipped to give your child the best experience possible before registering. Email