About Us

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Founded in 2011 with seven students and two tutors, Old School Tutoring has grown to over 100 students and two central locations.

Students are picked up immediately after dismissal by one of our five Old School shuttles. Once they arrive at their location, they are provided with healthy snacks and our counselors perform what we call "Homework Triage", where we keep track of students' daily assignments and assess who needs help in which subjects. Students are then paired with one of our undergraduate and graduate tutors from Rice University who help with homework to completion.

At Old School Tutoring, safety is our first and foremost priority!

Being fully aware of the importance and responsibility associated with childcare, we absolutely stress the proper training and procedures for our professional staff. Our counselors receive both CPR & First Aid training as well as Child Abuse training, and all staff are required to submit and pass a background check.

A trained Site Director is on site daily at each location to coordinate and supervise all staff and activities.

All staff members also attend a mandatory orientation class that covers all of the important guidance and reinforcement techniques as well as company guidelines appropriate for working with children.