Old School Tutoring is proud to now offer one-on-one private tutoring sessions!

registration procedures (please read carefully!)

  1. Fill out the registration form in its entirety and click submit. Once registered, an invoice including our one-time registration fee of $50 and payment for the first five sessions will be emailed to you.

  2. Payments can be made via the link in the invoice. A complete payment of this invoice is necessary to begin tutoring. We will not begin until we’ve received proper registration and payment. No exceptions!

Student's Name *
Student's Name
What subject(s) do they need help with? Do they have a preferred learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)?
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Tutoring Location
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Parent 1
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Parent 1 Phone Number
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Parent 2
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Parent 2 Phone Number
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Please check all that apply so that we can better assist your child. *Please note, Old School may not be able to accommodate certain needs. If you have questions about whether we are equipped to work with your child, please contact us at 713-510-3164.
Please list any food allergies, asthma, special needs, existing conditions and/or prescribed medications. If your child does not have any of these simply write "none". For food allergies please also list their severity.
Professional Liability Disclaimer *
Old School Tutoring is committed to providing a professional and high quality service that is affordable for parents and effective for students. By reading this disclaimer you understand the rate at which people learn and acquire information varies. As a result, we can only state the possible and probable improvement that you or your student may make and experience as a result of using the private tutoring services of Old School Tutoring. By acknowledging this disclaimer, you agree not to hold Old School Tutoring or any of its educational consultants legally liable if you do not achieve the academic improvement or performance that you are anticipating by using our tutoring service.