How It Works

Our program is unique in that we combine after care with exceptional individualized tutoring from the premier higher educational facilities in Houston— Rice University and University of Houston. We provide transportation from schools to our facilities where we work with students grades K-8th. 

Our program is designed to support students with the content they are learning and receiving from school. When students arrive, our counselors get with each student to perform what we call “Homework Triage," where they keep track of student’s assignments and assess who needs help in which subjects. We then pair them with the appropriate tutors. Once students have completed their homework for the day they have the opportunity to do crafts, play games, play outside, and in the gym!

Our goal is to help students complete and understand their school work as much as possible so they can go home relaxed, and we do our best to establish good homework habits so your student can do their best in the classroom.


"Old School Tutoring has completely turned my son around and given him the structure and one on one tutoring he needed."

— Brad, Old School Parent


Why choose us?

With Old School Tutoring & ASC, parents can get quality daily care with the added value of individualized tutoring. We have tutors to cover all major core subjects and some foreign languages, even Mandarin! Our counselors establish positive relationships with students and support them in doing their best.