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Olivia’s Father Testimonial


A short video testimonial about what Old School Tutoring has done for his daughter, Olivia.

Alberto’s Story 


A Pin Oak Middle School Student

Olivia’s Story

A sixth grader a Lanier Middle School.
A true story of self esteem!

Old School Tutoring has changed our family life at home.  Prior to this we were always rushed with homework and the children were tired.  Now, we can relax at home. The children’s grades are improved. Thanks again for seeing a need and filling it!

Dear Ms. Smith,

I just wanted to bring your attention to one of your exceptional teachers at Lanier, who has really gone beyond the call of duty to help my daughter and many other students!

I am the mother of a 6th Grade Purple Pup, Danielle Dargham, who has always really struggled in Math. She was promoted last year from Briar Grove because her other grades were good, but she couldn’t even pass the TAKS Math section after summer school last year! Because of this, I have been working very closely with Ms. Lu since the beginning of this school year to track Danielle’s progress. Ms. Lu always e-mails me if Danielle is ever off track or not understanding something. She even recommended a tutoring program for Danielle to get help outside of school from Pre-Med Students at Rice at Old School Tutoring ASC West University. Ms. Lu communicates frequently also with the owner, Bob Schmitt, as well as Danielle’s tutors there to let them know what she needs help on and to get feed back from them. Ms. Lu’s compassion and diligent effort to help Danielle has really touched her and myself, as no other teacher before has cared so much and invested so much time and energy to help her.

I have also heard others say the same wonderful things about Ms. Lu., and that she has helped other students go from near failing to getting A’s! Danielle is not there yet, but she is maintaining B’s and C’s right now in Math and her understanding and confidence has really increased! I know she is on her way to getting an A in Math next report card! Most importantly, however, she is getting more interested in a subject she hated and she really loves and appreciates Ms. Lu for all her support, as do I!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope that you will take notice in this exceptional and wonderful teacher at Lanier!


Christy Flores
Mother of Danielle Dargham 6th grade

Thank you for the amazing services provided by Old School After School. My son has enjoyed and benefitted from your after school program immensely – from the safe and reliable transportation to your West University location, to the structured homework oversight and exceptional tutoring services, but especially for the manner in which you and your staff ensure that each student’s individual needs are addressed. My son’s grades have improved to virtually all A’s and B’s and you continue to help him improve his organizational skills. You and your staff’s professionalism and dedication have greatly assisted my son through his sixth and seventh grades of the middle school journey and have given me such peace of mind knowing that he is in a positive and supportive atmosphere after the school day ends. We will see you again next year!

My wife and I were introduced to Old School Tutoring at Lanier Middle School when attending the orientation for new students with our daughter. My wife and I discovered that there was a place for our daughter to focus on her homework after school. We signed up for Old School Tutoring on the spot after finding out that they also had college students tutoring. My daughter Ally has been with Old School for two years now and has maintained an “A” average for all of her classes, and she has become a member of the National Junior Honor Society.

My son will also be attending next year and it is a given that he will also be participating in the Old School Tutoring after school program. Bob and his staff have made us feel very comfortable with their formula to assist students with excelling in their subject areas while accommodating us with our work schedules. Bob and his staff also ensure that students in the program are awarded with snacks and fun time as needed for their hard work. We love Old School Tutoring and recommend the program to parents who want their kids to apply themselves in a productive environment.

Old School Tutoring has completely turned my son around and given him the structure and one on one tutoring he needed. He used go home after school and play games and not do his homework. He was struggling through school and I wasn’t able help him with some of his homework. Getting off work after a long day and trying to go through all the homework and take him to after school sports it was hard and it made our relationship as father and son suffer. Now that Old School has come into our lives, it has been a complete 180.

He has his set schedule, the tutors are knowledgeable, they can relate to him and his homework is always completed. He now gets A’s&B’s, has more confidence, can work on his own better now, and it has changed his attitude as well. When he goes to Old School phones are checked in and they mean business which was desperately needed. I have recommended Old School to numerous friends, who have come back to thank me because Old School has also been able to help their kids. Now I have a better relationship with my son and am able to enjoy spending time with him and not having to get on to him about his homework because I know it is already done and taken care of.

Old School not only helps with homework but they check on his grades as well with Grade Speed. So they are making sure that not only is their homework being completed but they are retaining that information and it is reflecting in their grades. I get a status update and checkups to let me know what is going on and if there are any problems. I never have to worry about where he is and I know everything they had covered that day.