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Personalized coaching from premier higher educational facilities in Houston


Why Choose us?

With Old School Tutoring & ASC, parents can get quality daily care with the added value of individualized tutoring from Rice and University of Houston students that excel in core subjects. Our counselors also work with students to develop good study skills and homework habits. Tutors can work with your student Monday through Friday of each week.

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How It Works

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Our program is unique in that we combine after care with exceptional individualized tutoring from the premier higher educational facilities in Houston— Rice University and University of Houston. We provide transportation and work with students grades K-8th, and have also worked with high school students that come for as-needed tutoring. Our program is designed to support students with the content they are learning and receiving from school. When students arrive, our counselors perform “Homework Triage™” to keep track of student’s assignments and assess who needs help with what. Our goal is to help students complete and understand their school work as much as possible so they can relax at home. Once students have completed their work for the day, they have the opportunity to do crafts, games, play outside, and in the gym! We do our best to establish good homework habits so your student can do their best in the classroom, while providing kids with fun recreational and social time.


Child Safety

AtWork4At Old School After School Care safety is our first and foremost priority. Being fully aware of the importance and responsibility associated with childcare, we absolutely stress the proper training and procedures for our professional staff.

A trained Site Director, meeting all the educational credentials required by law, is on site daily at each of our programs to coordinate and supervise all staff and activities.

In addition, each Old School ASC staff member attends a mandatory orientation class that covers all of the important guidance and reinforcement techniques as well as company guidelines appropriate for working with children.

What the Parents Say

Old School Tutoring has changed our family life at home. Prior to this we were always rushed with homework and the children were tired. Now, we can relax at home. The children’s grades are improved. Thanks again for seeing a need and filling it!

-Carla M. Davis

What the Students Say

“I went from a 74% to a 100% in one and a half weeks”

– Olivia, Lanier Middle School Student

Operating Hours

Open Monday through Friday 3:00pm – 6:30pm

Transportation Available

Lanier Middle School

Poe Elementary

Roberts Elementary

The Rice School

Pin Oak Middle School

Pershing Middle School

Mandarin Immersion Magnet School

Our Locations

1601 Sunset Blvd First Christian Church (at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Rice)

5308 Buffalo Speedway 77005 St. Andrews Presbyterian

Look Who’s Coming to Old School

Our new staff is here for you

Isaac Chavez

Recreation Counselor

Laura Schmitt

Laura is a graduate of the University of California and has worked with children for over 18 years. She joins our team to bring new activities and ancillary programming to Old School.

Chelsea Martinez

3rd-5th Grade Counselor

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                                     1601 Sunset Blvd

                                5308 Buffalo Speedway



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