Meet The Tutors

Tom Guth

Recreation Counselor

Kalian Shi


Hi! I’m Kalian, a Chemistry major at Rice University and also a pre-medical student. Although I chose to major in Chemistry, I love all the science subjects and am taking these classes as well. I love tutoring because I want to share the easier way to learn with others and also impart my enthusiasm in learning. I want to show students who find sciences hard and boring how interesting science actually is. I started tutoring from high school and taught Math and SAT for several middle school students. I’m now a volunteer tutor for PAIR, a refugee program, and for Old School. Although there are many tutoring opportunities, I chose Old School because of their free and relaxing environment. All the volunteers are devoted to help the kids learn and all the kids are enjoying themselves with friends, tutors and coordinators. As more and more outstanding Rice students join the tutoring team, I hope Old School Tutoring can help even more students in the community!

Andrew Tam


Andrew is a senior at Rice University majoring in electrical engineering. He enjoys tutoring at Old School because he has been fortunate enough to get help when he needed it, and remembers the difference it made. Next year he will start his Ph.D. work in electrical engineering, in which he intends to advance solar cell research.

Rachel Mittelman

I will graduate in May 2014 from Rice University with a MS in Mechanical Engineering. I earned my BS in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in 2012. After graduation this May I will move to Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma to begin undergraduate pilot training. Tutoring at Old School has given me the opportunity to continue public service by sharing my talent in math and science with young students.

Olawale Lawal


Wale Lawal Bachelors in Materials Science at the United States Air Force Academy Masters in Materials Science and NanoEngineering at Rice University From Dallas, Tx I enjoy working at Old School because it harness a fun, caring, and productive environment. The students, staff, and tutors all interact in a fun and playful manner, but the essence of why we are there is still kept as the students and tutors engage in ongoing homework problems that the students seek help in understanding. Also, the students warm up quickly to each of us tutors which allows us to give them sound advice to improve their skills in the school subject that they are asking for our help. Bob is also a great person to work with in this program and makes sures every resource is available for the students and tutors to use in order to have the most success while there. He finds ways to host activities that show appreciation towards the tutors and students and brings forth a feeling of appreciation towards the program. Old School Tutoring is a great program that while have much more success in the coming future.

Avanthi Ajjarapu


My name is Avanthi Ajjarapu, and I am currently a Junior at Rice University studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Global Health Technologies. I believe the basic science and problem solving background that is provided by this curriculum will be beneficial in preparation for a future career in medicine.I am very interested in global and public health, and hope to pursue an MD/MPH. Although unsure of a subspecialty, I am interested in pursuing pediatrics. I love interacting with children and am amazed by the plasticity and resilience children demonstrate in dealing with illness. Volunteering at Old School has been a wonderful experience as I am able to interact with children of all ages. It is great to be able to share the knowledge that I have gained throughout my undergraduate experience with the kids at Old school and to motivate them to achieve and value their education as much as I have. Being able to tutor the boys and girls of Old School has further motivated me towards a career in pediatric medicine and I look forward to volunteering for the rest of my time at Rice University.

Cathy Cheng


Hello! My name is Cathy Cheng, and I'm currently a junior at Rice University. I am a pre-med student majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. At Old School, I really enjoy the atmosphere of talking with students and helping with homework; it's a positive environment I think both the tutors and students benefit from. I particularly like how Old School maintains a casual, lively setting for the kids to talk among themselves and with the tutors while getting their work done. Not only is Old School a fun place for the students, but the tutors also have a great time interacting with the children!

Craig McDonald


I am a first-year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Rice University, doing research in rehabilitation robotics. I've just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, but I'm originally from Texas. Upon receiving my PhD, I plan to go into academia so I may continue doing research in robotics but also be a teacher and mentor to college students. My mother is a teacher, and its something that I'm equally passionate about. That's why I am a tutor for Old School, and really enjoy my time there!

Nathan Romo

Middle School Counselor

Esteban Da Cruz


Eleana Galindo

K-2nd Grade Counselor

Daniela Hernandez

FCC Location Site Director

Chelsea Martinez

3rd-5th Grade Counselor

Isaac Chavez-Garza

Recreation Counselor

Wilson Cauley


My name is Wilson Cauley and I am 24 years old. I was born in Dallas Texas but moved to Larchmont New York when I was six and lived there until two years ago when I came to Houston to attend graduate school. I attended Wake Forest University from 2005-2009 and graduated with degrees in physics and mathematics. I am currently in my third year of study at Rice University where I hope to someday get my PhD in astronomy. For six summers of my life, I worked as a camp counselor at Camp Jewell YMCA in Connecticut. I would still be working there if my desire to do research in astronomy wasn’t so strong! I love to play ultimate frisbee and I compete with a club team here in Houston called Space City Ultimate. I also play guitar rather poorly and I love to read any kind of science fiction or fantasy novel out there. My other hobby is watching videos of my two-year old nephew who lives in Oakland California with my sister. I am very excited to be working with Old School ASC this year and look forward to doing some learning with some awesome kids! Thanks, Wilson

Angela Chen


I am a senior at Rice University and am originally from Boulder, Colorado. I am a Cognitive Science major, which is a blend of psychology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics, and neuroscience. After I graduate, I hope to enter medical school and am considering becoming a pediatrician. My hobbies include singing. I am a member of the Low Keys women’s acappella group at Rice, and I also enjoy skiing with my family when I go home for the winter holidays. Thanks! Angela

Jessica Ruiz


Jessica was born and raised in Austin, Texas and is currently in her third year of study at Rice University.  She is majoring in bioengineering, and is an undergraduate researcher, a volunteer at Texas Children’s Hospital, a leadership member of a faith group on campus and a participant in an undergraduate orchestra, where she plays the cello.  After her undergrad, Jessica plans to attend medical school to study to become a pediatric specialist, possibly in cardiology or oncology.  Jessica loves working with children and is excited to be tutoring with ASC this year!

Daniel Elizondo


My name is Daniel Elizondo, and I am originally from McAllen, TX, which is where I lived my entire life before moving to Houston this past summer. I recently graduated from Sharyland High School as Salutatorian in the spring of 2011, and while in high school, I spent numerous hours tutoring fellow classmates and younger students, so I have a solid background with tutoring prior to my involvement in Old School ASC. Currently, I am a freshman at Rice University, and my plans are to major in Biochemistry as a Pre-Med. While at Rice, I will likely be participating in a number of volunteering, shadowing, and sports-related activities, but I especially look forward to my time mentoring and tutoring at Old School ASC. Thanks, Daniel

Jessica Williams


Jessica Williams was born and raised in Amarillo, TX, but is learning to love Houston as a second home. Currently, she is a senior at Rice University, where she studies bioengineering and global health. After graduation from Rice, Jessica is planning on joining the Peace Corps. She’s passionate about health and education, and hopes to one day attend medical school. She’s so excited to get to spend her Friday afternoons tutoring all the amazing kids at Old School ASC this year!